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Thyme Essential Oil

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Benefit – The oil is enriched with anti-bacterial and anti-insecticidal properties. It also helps strengthen the immune system

Hair - Thyme oil can help promote hair growth by both stimulating the scalp and actively preventing hair loss, mix a few drops of the essential oil with a carrier oil and apply to the scalp for healthy hair

Face - Thyme oil has antiseptic and antibacterial properties, mix a few drops of essential oil with carrier oil and gently massage onto your face for a great result

Diffusion -Thyme oil can help relieve respiratory symptoms like cough and congestion, add a few drops to water or an essential oil burner for a great result

Quantity -10ml

Carrier oil options

Coconut oil

Sweet Almond Oil Walnut Oil

Olive Oil

 Mineral Oil

jojoba Oil

Wheat Germ Oil

Grapeseed oil